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    DVD from multiple flash files shows "loading" across 8/600 swf files


      I got tossed into the middle of editing  a training dvd that is composed of several swf files.  I've made minor edits to content (spelling, grammer, etc), when I re-burn the dvd there are 8 files that display "loading" in blue upon opening (all files do this throughout the dvd) but with these particular files it never goes away.  It remains on the screen and visible underneath or behind the text.  Nearly 2 months ago, a round of edits was necessary and these same 8 files behaved normally.  Three of the eight files were not edited in either round, were fine on the last burn, and are now displaying the "loading" constantly. Would anyone have any suggestions to fix this?

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          The DVD is throwing a bit of a twist into it. I'm assuming you mean data DVD first off and this is all executable projector based content?


          The best thing you can do to start is play the content in the Flash IDE so the debugger has a chance to show you any errors. Load the project and then run the debugger (CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + ENTER) and let us know if you see any errors show up. Chances are you're hitting a snag and it's no longer running code properly.

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