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    Adobe is being unreasonable about DPS Memberships!

    Debra Rogers Level 1

      I have worked for a year to develop an app and published it to the Apple Store using InDesign and DPS.  This week I created alternate layouts for Android.  I have everything set up to publish to Google Play.  When I went to publish it using DPS I found out that I can only publish to iOS, not Android.  I have a Creative Cloud membership that costs $56 per month. I called Adobe.  The sales guy just told me that to publish to Android I need an Enterprise Account and the cost is $40,000 per year!  OMG I am one person developing apps.  I don't even make $40,000 per year.


      This means I need to cancel my subscription with Adobe and find another method to develop apps so I can try to earn a living.


      I am appalled with Adobe.  I have been using their products since 1986 and I will stop supporting their products.  I won't even teach it anymore!


      Can anyone please suggest other software platforms for me to look at to develop apps.  I know some coding but don't really want to struggle with coding; I just want to use software that does the coding behind the scenes and packages it so I can upload to Apple and Google.  Is there a program that will take my already developed portfolios and convert them to api files?


      This decision by Adobe to stop supporting DPS Single User has changed my career and cost me thousands of dollars.


      Any help would be appreciated