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    Wrong position while the rendering process


      I have a very curions problem with After Effects CS6. I just made a composition with different tracked images which are in a video footage. In the preview everything is shown correctly. But when I want to start to render the grafics are not shown respectively in the wrong position. For making you a better understanding of my problem I just want to describe the scene of the composition. It is a scene in which a little boy is going along a street. He passes a shop with large windows. On these windows I try to implement some graffities. Because of the fact that the camera moves I had to track the movement so that the graffities on the windows are moving with the rest of the picture. For the tracking I use zero-objects. Because the boy covers on some parts of the scene the windows I uses also some masks. It's a lot of masks and grafics/graffities. As I told you the preview shows me all compositions correctly. But not the rendering. It shows the grafics on the wrong positions and some grafics are completely hidden. I tried so many things for correcting it. Had it to do with the so-called "priority" of the different layers in the timeline? Thanks for helping me.