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    How to Import from an external HD to LightRoom.

    crotographer Level 1

      I am brand new to Creative Cloud and to LightRoom. I have read and listened to importing from a memory card but am unsure as to how to import from the backup drive from my older Mac Pro to my new iMac. The external drive is already the backup for the new iMac, is plugged in and working. I can see the HDD in the LR panel and can find the "pictures" folder within the dropdown. I am not sure if the "pictures folder (on the lefthand panel) is the old b/u or the iMac HDD. I can get to where I need to be if I can figure out what I'm looking at and what I should look for as to the 2 HDD's, b/u and/or iMac. I am aware of the righthand panel but the interactions are totally unfamiliar to me. Thanks for any help and advice. TCrowe

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are importing from a hard drive then you don't need to worry about the right-hand panel in the import dialog. You would locate the folder that you want to import in the left-hand panel. At the top of the import screen you would choose the "Add" option. This will add those images to your catalog without having to move them anywhere. If you want to place copies on a different hard drive then you would choose the Copy option at the top of the import screen. Then the right-hand panel will enable you to specify where you want the copies to be placed.