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    Obtaining Winhelp Doc from HtmlHelp


      I wonder if there is a way to obtain a Winhelp word document from a HtmlHelp project. I know the normal thing would be do to this the other way round, but I need a document on this occasion for translation purposes.

      I tried the printed documentation option, but links and Robohelp Title marks are missed.

      Does anyone a way of getting a Winhelp word document out of a HtmlHelp project?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          What is a Winhelp word document? If you have an HTML project, you can produce a Word document as you have found but the links will not work.

          There's a topic on my site about how to do it and that includes a sort of workaround but it may not suit. The links issue is fixed in RH6.

          What do you mean by Title Marks?

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            Tony_PM Level 1
            I mean a word document valid for a Winhelp project. I already managed to import a HTML project into a Winhelp project and obtanied a word document, but broken links are the problem.

            I checked out your website, which is very good by the way. I think the solution you suggest is here http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/printing/print_issues.htm, where you mention broken links. However, I'm afraid it won't work since the strings I use as targets are a number IDs. (I understand the link text and the target should have the same string for the macro to work).

            As for RH6, I would imagine this issue has been fixed by inserting bookmarks in the document. If that is what has been done, I doubt those links would work after importing the HTML project back into Winhelp. What do you think?

            By the way, when I said title marks I really meant footnotes. However, I found that footnotes are automatically created when importing a HTML project in Winhelp, so that is not a problem.