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    Non-Latin Characters


      I am getting an error that my file name has non-latin characters, the file is named 01h_backM.jpg I am using save for web.

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          Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Are you saving to a folder with symbols in the name? Try saving to a different folder.



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            I'm getting the same message. It just appeared today and what's weird I haven't updated my Photoshop or OS. This happens now with any file saved from Photoshop's Save for Web. Mac OS X 10.10.5 Photoshop CC 14.2.1 x64. The only recent software change was a Safari upgrade to Version 9.1 (10601.5.17.4) but I doubt this would have any effect within photoshop. Anyway, I just click OK and ignore the message.

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              Nick Erald Level 1

              I had a folder with this symbol:  °

              Deleted the symbol, the error disappeared!

              I hope I am clear enough.

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                maxglitz Level 1
                May I add some clarity? Nick, your answer had me puzzled at first and then I tried a test. I was saving a Photoshop file for web too and got the non-latin character pop-up as I have for years and just ignored it. You say you used the symbol ° to name a folder that you were saving the web image to. I was saving mine to a folder with • (solid bullet, but like your clear degree symbol). I often use those to keep a folder at the top of a list in the finder. So, I removed the bullet, then I went back to my Photoshop file and saved for web again to the same folder. NO POP-UP. Did it again to a second folder that still had a bullet, and got the pop-up again for non-latin characters.

                SO, that's the culprit, the name of the folder you save it to, and not the file itself. Since I'm not creating a web page with those files and not referring some site-making application to the folder to grab the image file, it won't matter. I just create web-size versions of many of my large photos and save them that way in Photoshop so I can post them online or send in emails.


                Thanks for the clue that solved a problem I've had for years.
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