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    Photoshop CC 2014 keeps crashing


      I've downloaded and installed Photoshop CC 2014. It all looks OK but when I open an image, photoshop crashes. I get the message 'Adobe Photoshop CC has stopped working'.

      I'm running Windows 8, so not sure if it's a Photoshop issue or Windows issue. Any ideas?



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          View your Windows 8 Reliability History  look for the CC 2014 stop working events and look at whet the failure are happening. You need to find out what is failing and look for a solution. My recent crashes where in Windows Kernalbase.dll. Such crashes are usually the results of device drivers failure. After I updated my nvidia Quadro 4000 driver the crashes stopped happening.


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            plainwords Level 1

            Thanks JJMack,


            I've done this in Windows Reliability Monitor. Found the records of the crashes and checked for a solution but the result is 'no solutions found'. So not much further ahead.



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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Where is the crash? What does the report show? We know there was no solution found automatically.  But we have no idea of what to look at not knowing where the failure is. You did not provide any pertinent information other then your car crash. We not not where or what was damaged. What part may have caused the crash. We can not help without information.

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                I don't think it's just Windows.  I'm having it crash like crazy under two different versions of Mac OS X (10.7.5 and 10.10), mostly when doing anything with 3D.  Sometimes, when quitting Photoshop, it quits but then the OS X crash reporter pops up and says that it quit unexpectedly when I know it didn't.


                I'm getting rather frustrated.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  Photoshop crashes on both platforms for many different reasons.  Not all problems are in Adobe's code.  Many 3D problems are caused by device driver problems.  All crashes on a system may not because of a single problem.  Just look at Adobe Photoshop Install trees Photoshop, Bridge and Common Files there is over 2GB of file data mostly executable code.  There are many documented problems in Adobe Product however the current version with the updates are quite stable. When install on supported OS update levels and proper device drivers.  There are many possible hardware system and devices . Some configuration are not supported like multiple GPU the are not identical. Both Microsoft and Apple crate crash reports examining these help you isolate where problems are.  If a crash reporter pops up I be willing to bet the was a crash.  You may have exited photoshop so in your mind Photoshop did not quit unexpectedly.  However when you exit Photoshop, Photoshop has a lot of housekeeping to do.  It needs to clean up afters itself.  Return Ram, Scratch disk space, close work file etc.   So its possible for Photoshop to crash and even hang after you use Photoshop exit.    I feel Mac user have a harder time of it when problem are in device drivers for it seems Apple has the last word of what software is allow on in Mac OS.  You can not just get the latest driver from the manufacturer.


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                    jreale6 Level 1

                    It's even worse now on the Macbook Pro.  If I rename a 3D layer it crashes.  Then, I went to change a preference setting in Preferences, it crashes.  I must've sent out at least 25+ crash reports in over two hours.  So it's more than just a GPU driver.  No other application I have on any machine crashes like PS CC 2014.  As for the housekeeping, the crashes when quitting didn't really start until the CC versions with the intensity of them happening in CC 2014.


                    I NEVER had problems like this from CS6 back.  CC had problems that seemed to smooth out but CC 2014 is vastly becoming useless to me.  Both my Mac Pro and Macbook Pro are kept in as tip-tip shape as humanly possible.  I can't see why Photoshop is so crash happy in this latest version especially in the 3D part.


                    Photoshop used to be the one application other than Safari and Mac OS X that I could count on not crashing unless it's beaten to death.  I wish it would be like it used to be.

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                      Without the crash report details, we can't know why you are crashing.

                      But the top crashes in Photoshop CC 2014 are all third party issues (OS bugs, plugin bugs, bad piracy attempts, etc.).

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                        jreale6 Level 1

                        I've tried pasting the crash report here but I keep getting a forum message that an error has occurred.  So I'll try a dropbox link, Dropbox - Photoshop Crash report.rtf