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    Audio tracks have no sound in multicamera sequence

    MarkGardnerATX Level 1

      I've been all over the internet and Adobe support has been messing with my computer (until we got disconnected and now back in que) but no answer yet.


      I just got back my project from my editor and there's some strange things going on that I can't figure out. Some of the audio tracks have no waveforms in the multicam sequence. THis has already been cut and I'm supposed to put graphics in so I can't start over. Hope someone here can help me because I'm missing that audio. Here's the order of events...


      Place everything into on bin

      Right click. Choose "create multicam source sequence..."

      If I click on the result and choose to view in timeline. I get this...

      multicam in timeline.PNG

      You can see that I have 3 video tracks and 5 audio tracks.

      When I right click on the multicam and select "New Sequence from clip..." I get this...


      You can see tracks 4 and 5 don't have a waveform. They're silent.

      I've gone back into the timeline with the waveform and soloed one of the muted tracks and the multicam is silent as well. It's just not taking the audio from those two sources.

      ANy suggestions? This video was supposed to be out yesterday so we're dying to find a solution here.