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    Ray-traced render errors


      Just recently I've had problems with ray-traced vector shapes rendering cleanly. They have "smears" or other errors that become visible when the shapes become 3D (see sample images):


      I've found the following details trying to diagnose the problem:


      -Upgrading to the latest CUDA driver made no difference.

      -Upgrading AE (currently made no difference.

      -Creating the original shapes in Illustrator CS6 or CC made no difference.

      -The errors appear whether doing a CPU or GPU render (so my GTX570 has not become defective). Of course the CPU render takes much longer.

      -The original vector shapes can be either imported as vector files from Illustrator or drawn in AE with no difference.

      -The errors are most apparent when a merge of two shapes is applied (creating the fuzzy edges in the first image). However, creating a compound path, or simplifying the path in Illustrator does not solve the problem. The bottom image, with its "notches" along the top of what was a clean, simple vector shape, is an example where no merging was involved (the notches are not reflections).


      Has anybody experienced problems like this? Up to now, I've rendered much more complex shapes (though usually text) with no errors at all.


      I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!



      circle erors.jpgtop edge-errors.jpg

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Add more points to your paths.



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            rusfrazier Level 1

            Thanks, Mylenium, for the suggestion, but adding points did not reduce the problem. But it did alter the positions of the "smears" slightly. Does that give you any idea as to what the problem might be?


            BTW, here is an example of how the "smears" look when rendered with a glass look. This is a similar shape (though not the same file) as the first example above. I am trying to lose the radiating spikes along the top of the curve.


            Thanks again for your reply.




            glass spikes sample.jpg