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    Control panel show version web shows 16,0,0,235 installed


      Which version of flash is really installed?  When I check my control panel it shows ActiveX version:  I hit Check Now and I go to a web page that says I have 16,0,0,235 installed.  The table below it shows that the latest version is  When I go to Flash Player Help and click Check Now it says and

      Flash Player is pre-installed in Google Chrome and updates automatically!

      You can skip the steps below. See Flash Player with Google Chrome.


      I get that there are different versions for Chrome and ActiveX.  However neither of these is appearing as what the table lists as the latest version.  Both are set to update automatically.  I don't understand why the control panel version and the web page version display different version numbers.  So what versions do I really have?  Why does it display conflicting information?