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    How do I change the size of an image that I want to export?


      Whenever I want to export an image it ends up being way too large. Is there any way to resize it to say 10mb or by pixels?

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          There isn't a way within Adobe Illustrator Draw to create an image that conforms to a specific file size (10MB).


          File (space) size is a result of the canvas size, resolution ("ppi"), and the color compression on the exported project.


          Canvas (shape) size is something that you CAN change in Adobe Draw.


          1. With your drawing active, click the cog wheel in the upper right corner.
          2. Choose FORMAT (arrow right) to rescale the image
          3. Choose new size from list of supported preset styles
          4. Optionally scale your drawing, or "Fit Artwork"(will automatically resize your document).


          If you need a raster file, a .png file is fairly light (small file size).

          If you want to send it out as a PDF to your CreativeCloud account, you can keep the vector layers, but including raster (photos) as Image Layers in Draw will increase the file size of your resulting document.

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