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    Question about  Graphics Cards for Adobe and more

    adobeseco87 Level 1

      Hello, for technical people I'll start by listing some relevant computer info:    Asus P9x79Pro Motherboard . Nvidia Quadro 4000 2GB . Windows 7 . Adobe CS6


      I have a workstation PC and have been considering ways to improve it. I'm pretty happy with both Memory and Processor, so now I'm looking at the Graphics Card. I got the Quadro specifically because it was listed on Premiere's list of Mercury Accelerated Playback cards. I have no real issues with it, but I'm wondering if I'm getting everything I can out of it. I also use Resolve often and occasionally Maya, but not often. Sometimes these other programs feel sluggish. I'd like a set up that is most optimal for Adobe PPro and AE, but is also good for Resolve. I'm less worries about Maya.


      My motherboard can support 4 GPU's, but I've never had more than 1 before. I'm curious how to go about it.  What sort of advantages will I get with a second GPU, how will this help me? Since I have a Quadro, should I get another Quadro? Should I run them SLI or run them independently? I've also been looking at the GTX Series, would those be preferable? If so, how should I set up my system, run monitors off 1 and use the other as a GPU boost? I really don't know enough about multi-GPU set ups, and I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for, so any and all help is appreciated.


      Thank you