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    Reinstalling photoshop cs5 on new MacBook pro OS 10.10.1




      I recently updated my photo editing computer to a new MacBook Pro running OS X 10.10.1. Reinstalled photoshop CS5 and submitted product code. Photoshop will open and run, but certain commands, specifically print commands or print parameter changes causes the program to quit. I have looked on several forums and followed advice re: reloading photoshop among others, but cannot get anything to change.


      Question 1: is there anything in the que for updates to CS5 to make it compatible with the latest OS X update?


      Question 2: why isnt there an option on adobes site to submit a question to tech support? Every other software manufacturer I deal with leaves you with the ability to submit a question to their support staff.


      Any help would be appreciated in getting my software to run correctly again.