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    Smart collection - can we find/detect unpublished images ?

    HWALL77 Level 1

      Hai, I'm new to the discussion forums but have a practical question. I use ADB lightroom to maintain my large image collection ( +230.000 shots) which works really well (incl. hierarchic keywording). From LR I publish my images to my flickr account which is nice  and save me alot of time to actualize.  I photograph animals / insects and id them later , so that when doing so the correct scientific name pops up (after update) in my flickr account. Currently about 8.800 shots are maintained this way.


      What I would really like to do now is to search among my smaller (cropped) older images which once have not been published yet to Flickr ... is there a way to do so easy. I could add keywords to the ones that are published , but this would push them all back out for unneeded update ... So is there a way you can select 'unpublished' somewhere ??