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    CS6 Wont load (Quicktime?)


      Hi Everyone I Just installed the After Effects cs6 Trial And It Worked, then I Closed It Then An Hour later i re-opened it and it Told me Quicktime Wasn't installed, But it was (Quicktime 7). Then i Clicked Dont Show Me Again And Ok Then A Few Seconds Later It Gave Me An Error Which Says "After Effects Error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was: <5236> <DynamicLink> <5> c:/ProgramFiles(x86)/Adobe/Adobe After Effects cs6/32/dynamiclinkmanager.exe " Then i Pressed ok Then It popped up with a different error "After Effects can't Continue Sorry, After Effects Has Crashed (0 :: 42) ". I Have Been Looking For An Answer For A While And Had No luck, Someone Please Help!.