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    Unwanted Character Break in Devanagiri/Nepali Fonts

    Ramesh Sapkota Level 1

      Problematic Text Devnagiri.jpg

      Unwanted Character Break

      Words typed in Devanagari which are not separated using space are also breaking line. These words do not break in MS Word and Page Maker, but what's the problem with InDesign?

      As in the picture, the characters in red is a single word but it is broken to next line. It's a serious problem to type in Nepali.

      Any help will  be highly appreciated.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There's a long similar thread from a few days ago where this is discussed: Breaking words


          The problem is your font, which is not Unicode compliant, and InDesign sees the Unicode value at which each character has been mapped. That particular character is mapped to some position that holds a character that would normally be allowed to break (such as the _ in the other thread).

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @Ramesh – does it help using a paragraph style with a GREP Style that uses a character style with only one property: "Do not break words"?


            The GREP for that could be simple:



            Assigned would be a character style with "No Break" as singular feature [x]*.


            Or in reverse:
            Assign "No Break" to a paragraph style and do a GREP Style for all white space that uses a character style that will have "No break" unticked [ ]*


            That GREP could be:



            * Note: Character Style features have three different states:

            [-] ignore

            [ ] do not use this feature

            [x] use this feature


            But I do not know if GREP will get all instances of "Word" in Devanagari script…
            Hope this helps.