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    read the table text

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      How to read the all the table text in the application file

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What do you mean

          A. by "read" and what do you mean by

          B "table text"?

          And finally what do you mean by

          C. application file?


          A => writing the unformatted contents to a file?

          B => an InDesign table?

          C => an InDesign document?


          If you have a table selected, you'll get the unformatted contents this way:


          var myTableContents = app.selection[0].contents;


          For all tables in one InDesign document (no nested tables, no tables in footnotes) you can get it by:


          var allTablesContents = app.documents[0].stories.everyItem().tables.everyItem().contents;


          The variable allTableContents will be an array of arrays.