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    My compatible ebook reader is not showing in ADE


      I have downloaded epub books from the library onto a windows laptop ADE.

      I connected my ebook reader to the computer before opening ADE but it does not show in the library

      I have ADE authorization but cannot transfer my library books as the ebook reader is not showing.

      I have previously transferred onto the same ebook reader but I have had to do a restore on the laptop and then delete my previous authorization and re-authorize.

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          I have had something the same, it's now sorted.  I don't know what I did but I now have my book on my reader.  Perhaps someone out there could tell us what to do as I am sure this is going to happen again.  I tend to just go at it without knowing what I'm about but it works for me.  I know that is not satisfactory but I have no skills in the technology field!  Good luck - to us both!