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    Poor Print Quality with Switch to Mac


      I have just replaced a Windows PC with a MacBook Pro (running OSX Yosemite, Retina screen, Lightroom 5.6 & Photoshop Elements 11 installed).  Printer is an Epson Stylus PX720WD. All latest firmware, drivers etc installed.


      Problem is that the print quality using LR & PSE on the Mac is dreadful. The image looks way underexposed and there are blank white edges to dark objects against a light background.


      Printing the same image on my wife's Windows PC (running PSE11) and using the same Epson gives perfect print quality.


      The difference is evidently Mac vs Windows.  (same image, same program, same printer)

      On Mac (in the LR or PSE print menu), there are few options for paper type, print quality (DPI) etc.  (In LR I only see the option to toggle '240 ppp' on or off)

      Whereas in Windows I get multiple options for paper type and print resolution (up to 720 dpi).


      Ultimately, my processing workflow is LR on Mac, and I want to get them playing nice with the printing (rather than being obliged to export my finished images to another Window PC for printing).


      Any help or suggestions on how to resolve are very much appreciated

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are these images that you have done any adjustments on the Mac? If you take one of these images to the Windows PC to print it, does it look right on the monitor for that computer?


          You should have the same printer controls on the Mac as you do on the Windows computer. Are you allowing Lightroom to control the color, or are you specifying that the printer manages the color? Or, are both managing the color?

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            Golfhacker27 Level 1

            All adjustments to arrive at the final image (to be printed) are on the Mac with LR.

            With LR I have tried both 'Managed by Printer' and 'Adobe RGB'  (in the 'Colour Management' section.  If I select 'Others' (Instead of the default Managed by Printer) I get a long list of options : Adobe RGB, Display, and a long list of various Nikon & Epson alternatives. So far I have only tried the Adobe RGB and it was actually worse).


            In PSE I leave it as Managed by Printer.  But get the very different menu options in Mac vs Win (strange!).


            The monitor on the Win PC is low quality but the image looks ok (tone, colour).  And the printed image looks perfect - exactly as it was finished on the Mac.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You saved the image looks okay on the Windows PC (tone, color). But what about brightness? I think your monitor on the Mac is set too bright. You probably need to adjust at least the brightness, but a complete monitor calibration is probably in order. When you were using a Windows PC, did your prints from Lightroom turn out the way you expected them to?