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    how can I keep timeline markers with clips when earlier clips are deleted?

    adobe ils

      I am using APE10 to make a DVD (or BD) of a concert. I have inserted clips on the timeline and added  timeline markers to mark scenes that identify each ‘song.’  The scene markers then show up in the disc menu as 'labels' for each song. Call this concert_1.prel . All’s well so far. But then I want to make a shorter video, call this concert_2.prel, by: 1) deleting some the earlier clips in the video, e.g., the introduction of the group, and 2) cutting out the applause at the end of each piece.  When I make these deletions, by deleting from various clips in the timeline, the timeline markers are no longer in the correct place; they don’t shift with the video in the timeline.  So my question is: How can I create markers that both become scene labels in the disc menu and remain attached to the beginning of the clip that they identify?