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    How to create rollover text on images (not tooltip)

    buckeyestargazer Level 1

      I'm a non-coder I'm using Dreamweaver CS4 to create a personal website.  I know next to nothing about CSS, but I think I understand how to create a style and apply it to elements.


      My website has several image galleries, and what I'd like to be able to do is create a rollover text box of some kind that floats up in a fixed position when mouseover on an image.  What I'm looking to do is basically what this website does on their top header image:

      AstroBin | AstroBin


      I've experimented some with spry tooltips but I want the text box to be in the same position and not wherever the mouse is pointing at the time.  I have done hours of searching and I cannot come up with a solution to this (at least not one that I understand) and it's quite possible that I don't even know the terms to search for.


      What tools or terms am I describing here?  What should I be searching for?


      Can anyone point me to a good tutorial to do what I'm asking?  Please give me the dummy version!


      Thanks in advance.