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    Show ebook cover page instead of default EPUB icon

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      As my collection of PDF ebooks was growing, I grew to appreciate the fact that Acrobat was showing the ebook cover in Windows Explorer instead of the default icon. It allowed me to quickly search for ebooks by browsing through the covers quickly, much like I could quickly scan a bookshelf of “real” books to find the one I am looking for, remembering the layout and the colours.


      Unlike Acrobat, Digital Editions does not show the EPUB ebook cover in Windows Explorer; rather, it shows a default EPUB icon (it does show the cover in its library, but not at the Windows Explorer level).


      As a growing number of ebooks I purchase are now in EPUB format, I would find it very convenient to see the ebook cover instead of the default EPUB icon.


      Is there a way to achieve this with the current Digital Editions? Is there an obscure setting somewhere that would turn this on? If not, may I suggest Adobe to implement this feature in the next release of Digital Editions? Although I prefer to stick to official Adobe products rather than third party software, in the meantime, I am also open to third party EPUB reader that would have that capability if someone could make a recommendation.