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    Using Indesign CC (2014) (swedish version) ARABIC in indesign. Download Plug-in or whole program "Arabic version"? Link?

    mariakaskillustration Level 1

      A client wants me to work on a text which is both english and arabic.
      I heard this is only possible with the arabic version of indesign?


      If I place the text in my present version, it comes out unreadable (arabic letters/words -but not connected and jibberish my client cannot read)

      I heard I have to install something, is it a plugin or a whole program?


      i am panicing since I have very short time left, I will get to work next to an arabic speaking person tomorrow who will guide me - But I want to prepare the isntallation first!
      Where do I start?


      Will installing the program affect my regular version of indesign?


      Thankful for links!


      (I subscribe monthly to CC, maybe it is included? )