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    incompatible display driver


      Can't open Adobe Premiere Elements 12 as I get an "incompatible display driver" error.  I read a few forums and deleted the BadDrivers.txt file but it keeps coming back. Computer is Dell XPS 8300 64 bit 8 GB Ram.  Display adapter (only 1) is AMD Radeon HD 6450.  Running Windows 7 Home Premium. 

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Did you find and delete the BadDrivers.txt file for Premiere Elements 12/12.1.





          After you delete this BadDrivers.txt file, close out of there, and reopen Premiere Elements, the program

          will generate a new BadDrivers.txt file (that is normal) and hopefully the problem with be gone.


          Are you saying that you made that deletion, shutdown the computer, re-started the computer and Premiere Elements

          and still got the Display Card error?


          Just in case message, before you deleted the BadDrivers.txt file, did you confirm that the AMD driver version was up to

          date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card? Did you explore card/driver setting in any AMD control center

          on your computer for that card?


          We will be watching for your results.


          Thank you.






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            talmanp30402182 Level 1

            I had not rebooted.  It works now - thanks.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              There are frequent reports of incompatible display driver messages. And, it is important to know what

              is working for those who run into this type of situation. So, thank you for the follow up with the good news of what worked

              for you to gain success. Great job.


              Best wishes.