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    How to cancel free Creative Cloud membership?


      I have a free Creative Could membership which I in no way want. How do I cancel it?

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          ia3d Level 1

          That link gives the options below. NONE is for cancelling a FREE membership, however.

          Switch from an individual membership to a teams membership


          If you have an individual Creative Cloud membership, you can cancel it at no penalty and re-enroll as part of your company’s team membership.


          •    Your IT administrator sends you an invitation to join the team. If you haven't yet received the invitation, request the administrator to resend the invitation.


          •    While accepting invitation, sign in with the Adobe ID that is associated with your individual Creative Cloud membership (complete or single app).You see an option to cancel the individual plan and join the team or keep the individual plan and join the team.


            Switch from Individual to Team membership  

          •    Select the Join team and cancel individual plan Creative Cloud membership option, and then click Accept Invite.


          •    You become a team member once you accept the invitation. Now follow these steps to reset the licensing accordingly on your computer:
            1. Launch any Creative Cloud application (for example, Photoshop).
            2. On the Help menu, choose Sign Out.
            3. Close the application and restart it.
            4. Sign in with your Adobe ID.


          Cancel an annual membership (individual or team)

             If you cancel within the first month, you receive a full refund. Otherwise, you are billed 50% of your remaining contract obligation.
          • To cancel your membership at any time, contact us - go to the contact us page and then click the "Still need help? Contact us." button.
             You may be asked to sign in. Sign in with your Adobe ID and password.   
          • To cancel your membership in the last month (month 12), follow the steps in the "Cancel a month-to-month membership" section below.

          Cancel a month-to-month membership

          •    Sign in to www.adobe.com. The Sign in link is on the top menu of most pages.  
          •    In the navigation pane or pop-up menu, click Manage Account.Note: You may be prompted to enter your password to verify your identity.
          •    Under Plans & Products, click Manage Plan.
          •    Click Cancel plan.
          •    In the Cancel Plan confirmation pop-up, choose an appropriate option and then click Cancel Plan.

          Cancel a Creative Cloud for enterprise membership


          Return a prepaid membership purchased from a reseller

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            sam.am Level 5

            I am sorry, there is no need of canceling free membership.If you are installed and started the trial for a product it will automatically expire  after 30 days. You will not renew your charged unless you have placed an order

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              ia3d Level 1

              Thanks. I can hardly wait. No way to get rid of it until then?

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                If I decide later I need it free, I won't have it because I was given the membership free and have no use for it now.

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                  I have a problem and I think is because of the free creative cloud membership;

                  I have my perpetual programs on my PC;(PhotoshopCS6, Lightroom, Adobe Bridge)

                  now (it’s been happening for the past 3 days) somehow every time I try to open one of this programs it comes a window that it is in trial mode, Adobe bridge is unable to open my jpg photos on camera raw, so somehow the free creative cloud membership, screw up my programs, the customer service they not help told me to come to the forums, since they only support the cloud suite now.

                  I want to cancel the free Creative Cloud membership, but it is impossible,

                  what I need to do now? Uninstall the programs and get a copy of my programs and reinstall it again?

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                    I agree.  This is ridiculous. Just called and they said there is no option to cancel free membership.  YGBSM.