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    Custom Authentication with TomCat

      Hi -

      I am getting stuck. I am trying to secure my Tomcat Server using a connection to my database for authentication. I have read everything I can find about what I need to put into the <tomcat>/conf/lib and <tomcat>/common/lib directories, I have uncommented the flex.messaging.security.TomcatLoginCommand in services-config.xml. Lastly, I've secured my destinations. All that seems to be working, but I can't figure what I need to do on the client to actually login.

      I have created a login form in Flex and I need to know what now. I try calling a dataService with setCredentials, but that doesn't seem to login. Any thoughts about what I do now? Do I set up another RemoteObject, and if so, what is it. I tried setting up the LoginCommand as the remote object, but then it indicated that I needed to set up a TomcatValve. Can't do that since Tomcat isn't a container.