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    Help! I can't update Flash Player or Reader


      After I click yes to the question, "Do you want to allow this program to make changes on your computer" it brings up a blank black box which just sits there forever and never does anything else. When I try to close the box by clicking on the red box with the "X" in it top right -hand side of box) it attempts to direct me to a bad or incorrect link and says "That page cannot be displayed."


      I have tried clicking on "if you encounter any issues downloading Adobe click here." and that didn't work.


      I have tried searching through the Adobe "support" area and all of the errors listed none seem to mention anything about a blank black box. There were a couple of topics that seemed close so I tried following what they recommended and still I have the same problem.


      So my last resort is to try the forums in hopes that someone can help.


      I am also unable to update Adobe Reader for the same reason. BLANK BLACK BOX.


      Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?