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    Edge Animate - Re-Sizing Bounding Boxes - Help!

    lisbetlalala Level 1

      I'm running Edge Animate 2014.1.1 on a PC with Windows 8.  I'm following Paul Trani's Drag and Drop tutorial on Lynda and everything was going well until I hit the section on "Controlling selectable area of objects" in chapter 3.  Every time I have tried to decrease the size of the bounding boxes in the example file, nothing has changed when I have clicked out of "stage".  When I doubleclick back on the symbol, the changed dimensions of the bounding box re-appear but once again when I exit the isolation mode, the original size of the bounding box is restored.  I've re-started Edge Animate several times and have re-installed the entire program but I still have the same problem.  None of the elements are locked and the problem is universal, even when I start a new file and create a new symbol I cannot re-size the bounding box.  Has anyone else had this problem?