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    Help needed with Lingo: Sound!

      I created a game in 3D studio max, exported it as W3D (shockwave) format and do some editting in director. It is a car game where we requires to find something in this game.

      I encountered some problems here with sound.

      --- Is there such codes for lingo scripting where we can actually make a sound to appear when the car is getting closer to that particular object? Also, an increment of the same sound occur when the car is getting really near to the object? ---

      Some people asked me to use the locH and locV but i just cant figure out this code, it is impossible to tell the locations of the objects drawn in 3D studio max. They also suggested me to use the sound script (pan) to determine the left and the right sound so people will know where is the object when they are controlling the car in the game.

      Much appreciated if someone can actually assist me with this issue. Many thanks to you.