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    after effects and bokeh ..


      I'm trying to get a nice bokeh effects for my 3d city ,but it's not really working for me.

      First , I tried to use the after effects 3d camera but the color grading of those bokeh are little bit flat , there are no variation in the bokeh and

      they are not taking the hexagon shape that I chooses in the camera setting.

      On the other hand there is the camera lens blur and it is responding very well to my needs , but it has some issues with the the edges of the buildings.

      So what should I use and which one is better 3d camera or camera lens blur.

      Also forgot to mention that i tried playing with the 3d camera Gain , highlights and the threshold ,but those parameters are not responding. 

      PS: I have a Zpass for the blur map for the camera lens blur + I'm using 80mm for the 3d camera

      IMG :


      City Scene "not finished yet still working on it"


      IMG from the internet


      Thanks in advance for replying.