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    Integrating Flash Into Director

      OK, here is the rundown:
      I have three Flash 8 movies that I want to encapsulate in Director 10.1.1
      The movie1 is 725 frames long and is a standard movie.
      After that, I want movie2 to load. Movie2 is an application with it's own controls. I want Director to stop and let the application run until the user selects the Exit button which loads Movie3.
      Movie3 is an exit screen with scrolling credits and information. I want movie3 to continue playing until the user clicks the Exit button there.

      I have figured out how to get movie1 to play all the way through and autoload into movie2 with a behavior script applied to the first movie. I removed the stop() action at the end of movie1 and applied the following code:
      on exitframe me
      if sprite(me.spritenum).playing then
      go to the frame
      end if
      This works fantastic, however movie2 and movie3 will not hold. They play right through without stopping. I tried applying a stop() action in the first frame of movie2 with no luck.
      Does anyone have any suggestions?

      Also, when I am importing the flash movies, should I use a standard import or should I be selecting link to external files?