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    Video gets ahead of audio, but not by much. squeeze audio or stretch vid?

    rokosz Level 1

      hI folks,


      I'd thought this might be a timecode (non-drop vs drop) fix. Or speed&duration, but I can't get the application right there.


      Here's the sitch. A 25 min single sequence video&audio, the audio is muted and another source of audio is in audio track 2.

      The audio is 5 different "clips".   Its a music performance, the selected 5 audio tracks are higher quality than the accompanying video audio.


      The first track (~7min) is nicely aligned with the vid -- at the beginning, but by the end of the track its about1/2 to 1 sec. slower than the vid.

      At 2 or 3 mins in the "offset" is shorter than at the end, Whether its a steady lengthening is tough to tell.


      I'm by no means a maven. I marked the vid for the 7min track one with sequence markers and then tried messing wiht the display format. the clip went from 7:23:23 to 7:23:09 via drop frame and non-drop frame.

      Aha! there's my missing 1/2 sec.  No, nice try, it really is just for display yes?  and I think I misapplied the terminology.  But Could it be an indication (truly dropped frames in the video transfer (yes digitized VHS)) shortened the video?


      I thought the "speed & duration" dialog would be the obvious solution -- either shrink the audio by 1/2 sec or stretch the vid by 1/2 sec.

      So I might tried a 101% stretch, but any change I make there only affects the vid and the _entire_ vid.  -- that gets too extreme by the end of the 25min.

      In my mind one solution is to stretch just the vid between the sequence markers.


      Is that the correct way to adjust for this situation? Or is there a better PP5.5 tool for this? do I have to break the vid up into clips that match each of the audio clips and then work on individually squeezing or stretching?


      Or, should I re-transfer the vid and pay closer attention to the number of dropped frames and then copy and paste an equal number of frames for the duration of the clip?

      My transfer software, I don't think, (ElGato) is sophisticated enough to tell me (say on a timeline) exactly where the frames were dropped.


      I tried general i'net searches but none of the turnups addressed this sitch re (lip-)syncing(!) audio to video.

      thanks for your help.