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    Lightroom reinstall


      My desktop PC crashed and will have to be recovered which will wipe the hard drive clean. I think I downloaded LR 5 rather than buying a disk so how do I reinstall LR? If you sent a serial number by email, I won't have that since the HD will be erased and all my mail goes with it.

      2nd question: I have LR trial on my laptop, but it is about to expire. Can I put LR on my laptop also? Will the existing trial version work with the serial number from my desktop? If not, and I can have LR on 2 machines, how do I get LR on the laptop? Thanks.

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          johnhawk666 Level 3

          1. Did you register Lr with Adobe after purchase; if so, your serial number will be recorded on your account. The software can be easily downloaded from Adobe.


          2. Yes, you can have Lr on two machines on one licence, but the serial number will only work for the type of installation you originally installed, ie either a perpetual version or a CC one, and you can't use it for a mixture. I'm assuming that your installation is perpetual; is that correct? If so, again just download the program and install.