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    Anchor Point Issues


      I'm working with multiple groups inside of a shape layer in AE. For one of the groups I would like to re-position it's anchor point without moving the position. The only way i know how to do this is to use the pan behind tool. The problem is that for this specific group (for what ever reason) the anchor point is exactly behind/on top of the left layer handle. When i try to use the pan behind tool to select the axis, the layer handle is in the way therefore causes my shape to do some really quirky re-sizing. Thus rendering my pan behind tool obsolete. The only other workaround I have for this is to change the anchor point attribute under the groups specific transform properties. Although this provides for a workaround it still moves the shape's position unlike using the pan behind tool.


      I guess I would like to not have to re-position the layer every time this silly axis-behind-handle  issue comes up. How do I do this?


      Any insight would be amazing. If you need me to post screenshots for further clarification just let me know.