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    Resize Symbols? ---- Need most symbols to be the same size as the stage

    Zwaeback75 Level 1



      I basically have different compositions of images and text in different symbols.


      I need to bring in some new compositions from Photoshop. I'm using a Fireworks script to export pngs and their locations into a temporary Edge file.


      I then copy & paste the elements from the temporary edge file to the permanent file.


      When I created many of these symbols I didn't also copy in a shape as a stage size placeholder. The stage size corresponds to the same coordinates in Photoshop. Instead I have all of these symbol divs with their own local x,y & sizing coordinates.


      In the future when I create new symbols do I need to always use a shape placeholder if I want them to have the same x,y & size coordinates as the stage? Are there any other options or tools I don't know about - reset symbol div to stage div x,y & size, but keep the same relative placement of elements in the symbol div?...:0)