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    Blur effect on mouse over




      I would like to do something but I have absolutely no idea how to to this...


      Here's an example: let's say I've got 2 round buttons (one on the left, one on the right). What I want to do is apply a blur effect to the element which I'm not focusing on. Do you see what I mean?


      Basically, when my mouse is on the 1st button, the second button become blurry. Is it possible?


      Thank you for your help!

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          joel_pau Level 5



          It's easy using symbols and timeline.

          You've got a demo here: blurButton.zip - Box (2 steps).

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            Keysaw Level 1



            Thank you for your help, it's great but not exactly what I was looking for (it's my fault, I will explain better).


            I don't want the blur effect to be played in the mouseover. I want it to be blurred if the mouse is far away, and less and less blurred when the mouse get closer to the symbol. Like if the cursor was slowly focusing the button when it get closer.


            It's completely blurred when the mouse is far, less blurry when it get closer, and completely clear on the mouseover.


            Is it clear? And if so, is it complicated to do?

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              rob.magini Level 1


              i am trying to achieve something similar.

              I my case I have 2 symbols slide1 and slide2


              I want to blurry slide 2 when the mouse is on slide1


              So far I achieved a similar effect using opacity.

              mouse over slide1:



              how can I use a similar script that use blur effect?