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    How do I add an input text box to Edge Animate 2014.1.1

    Cheny Tech

      I just need one input text box in my Edge Animate site.

      Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?


      I added one textbox to the stage called "InputTxt"


      In the stage composition ready event I added the code below...


      var txtInput= sym.$("InputTxt");



      inputAttribs= $('<input />').attr({'type':'text', 'value':'', 'id':'Input'});

      inputAttribs.css ({'font-size': 28, 'text-align':'center','border': '4px solid','height': '50px','width': '50px','color': '#CCC'});



      When I preview the site in the Chrome, I can't enter anything into the input text box.