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    Back again after 14 years


      I last coded in 2001, but thought I'd get back to it again to develop some in-house tools as I launch a business.


      It's just like I remembered, so far anyway...


      Wrinkling out the bugs for set-up and launch is a frustrating process, but once you get past that, the coding is fun and delicious.


      Unfortunately for me, the "so far" has only gotten me to the first part of the previous sentence.


      Sorry for the lead-up... Here's the skinny:


      I'm on a clean Windows 8.1 machine. All I've added to the Windows install is MS Office 2007 (including Access), CF11 Trial, and CFBuilder Trial. I can access and manipulate CF Admin with no problem, it's served from and I've had no problem clicking around to reacquaint myself with the product. My problem comes when I move over to CFBuilder and try to run my first index page (pretty simple page so far, the entirety of the code is between the quotes "<h1>test</h1>"). When I click on the run button, the browser tries to open (please note the 8600 port - is that the problem?) and returns a generic "Unable to Connect" error. A bad hunch led me to try changing 8600 to 8500 in the url, and that kicked back a CF 404 error page.