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    Crossgrading in New Zealand


      I want to crossgrade my Photoshop from my PC to my Mac, however in the instructions on the Adobe site, it says to go to the support portal, however there is not an option for my country (New Zealand) and so none of the links work. This tends to suggest that I cannot crossgrade my product. Can anyone offer an insight into whether I can or can't crossgrade - and if I can, how?

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          Currently only perpetual CS6 can get a platform switch from Adobe.  Subscription applications can be used on either platform. Only current version of perpetual Adobe product can be platform switched as far as I know the only link I have is Order product | Platform, language swap

          Don't know if there is a different link for New Zealand.



          Platform or language swap policies


          • All product configurations, except for OEM bundles, are eligible for a platform or language swap.
          • You can also change your platform or language when you upgrade. Contact us to find out if you qualify for a platform or language upgrade.
          • You must give up all licensing rights to your current platform or language version.
          • You cannot swap previous versions of a product.
          • After swapping platforms or languages, you cannot cross back to your original platform or language version.
          • No more than five total (lifetime) cross-platform or cross-language upgrades or swaps are allowed per customer, regardless of the product.
          • Products purchased second-hand or from an auction site such as eBay are not eligible for swaps.