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    Windows 10 & LR

    Lee Morgan Level 1

      For any other techies out there that may be interested.

      I have installed Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9926) and LR works flawlessly/faster and a lot smoother.

      I have not noticed any issues yet, install went smoothly, importing my catalog worked, no issues whatsoever.

      Everything about it is faster, switching modules, importing, exporting, adjustments are really smooth.

      I know some of you will think it's because it is a fresh install, I have everything installed on it as i do on my work pc and it is a lower spec machine.

      I know this is a preview and the RTM version will probably be bloated up but i have to say i am looking forward to this release.

      For anyone thinking of trying it, be warned, there are a lot of known issues and i have noticed some quirks that make this Build unsuitable for daily use.