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    Video Effect for Prem Pro!!!!


      I am trying to find anything close to the effects listed on the link of a video below.


      The 2 things i need to know is this:

      What effect are they using to cause the screen to shake the way is does?

      What type of effect are they using that has small blemishes on the video like the film is dirty with dust?


      I looked at different film grains already and nothing like those...can anyone please help me out with this, please?


      Check out the link below to see what I am talking about!




      Cousin Bubb 100K Ft. Scarface and Sadd OFFICIAL VIDEO - YouTube

      Effects (shake/dirty film look) between 35-40 sec


      Dj Chose - 3rd Level - YouTube

      Effects (shake/dirty film look) between 10-15 sec


      I tried everything and even asked the director himself...but he wont tell me unless I pay...