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    Simple text bounce animation extremely slow to render using Per Character 3D. Why?!


      Hello all,


      So I'm a few months new to AE CC after holding on dearly to my beloved CS5.5.


      I have a simple and quick bounce expression to rotate and fade text in, something I've done countless times over the past few years. However, I find in CC2014 it's extremely slow to load a static preview frame, and slower still to RAM preview (five seconds per frame). A few basics of my setup:


      - The composition is in 1920 x 1080, 25fps, using the Classic 3D Renderer.


      - Multiprocessing is off in Preferences. Enabling or disabling it for RAM Previews does not help.


      - After Effects is the 2014.2 release.


      - I am on a Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013 model) running OSX 10.10.1


      I have CS5.5 on the same machine, created a comp comprising of just the animated text and it works like a charm, very fast as I'm used to (micro-seconds per frame to RAM preview at full res). I open this very same comp in CC2014 and it's painfully slow, even at half res.


      Per Character 3D is enabled to allow 3D rotation and this seems to be the culprit. By contrast, if I switch that off to use non-3D rotation it's just as fast as CS5.5 if not more so. Again, I'm using the Classic 3D Renderer for this comp.


      Am I missing something, a quirk in my set up perhaps?