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    I am trying to capture from a sony TRV22E tape video recorder and no matter what settings I choose I just get "capture device offline" any idea's would be appreciated

    coopers4546 Level 1

      Hi this is my first time here and I have a problem, when I attach my Sony TRV22E to my mac with a firewire cable it is instantly recognised by Final Cut Pro but as is usual as with any Adobe product nothing is as simple with Premier Pro because this program does not recognise my camera and is only giving me a message saying "capture device offline" does anyone have any ideas as to how I can fix this? Have had the creative cloud suite for about 6 months now and wish I had never heard of it! Every single thing that was so easy and usefull before has now been removed and I am having to re-learn how to work for every single little thing I want to do! Adobe you absolutely SUCK!!!