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    iBooks and obfuscated fonts

    LarsBo64 Level 1

      So now I have found out that I can't sideload my epub with embedded fonts to iBooks to review how it looks because all obfuscated fonts are ignored by iBooks.

      But someone in this forum told me that I could just replace the fonts with the original fonts.


      That would probably work for most people because ttf aren't that big. But I can't do that because my most important font is a customized Chinese font which is much too large for embedding.

      And I guess I can't extract only the characters that is used, because no program will do that for me without scrambling the font.


      My question is: Is there any way I can make iBooks accept my fonts that are generated and obfuscated by InDesign? I want my e-book to be readable on iBooks also.