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    Black Screen on Premiere Pro after grading on SpeedGrade with additional LUTs (Direct Link)


      Hi !


      I buy the VisionColor "Osiris". It's LUTs.


      I Install it. The LUTs are install here Applications/SpeedGrade/Contents/MacOS/Lumetri/LUTs


      I use "Direct Link to SpeedGrade" on my premiere pro project, make the grade on speedgrade with my new LUTs and when i come back to premiere pro i see a black screen.


      I've resolved this problem a long time ago, i know that i just have to move .cube (LUTs folder) to another emplacement but which one ? I don't remember..


      Someone can help me please ?

      Thanks a lot !!

      OSx 10.9 Maverick

      Premiere Pro CC (7.1)

      SpeedGrade CC (7.2)