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    Help Needed: Hard Drive failure but I can't get Lr to open photos from a backup drive

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      I have all of my photos (including my Aperture library and newer Lr catalogue) on a single External Hard Drive.  I have an exact copy of these folders and files on another External Hard drive as a backup that I simply copied to it through the Finder (I'm on mac) and it's just as well as the current one is in the process of failing - it works intermittently and iv'e been advised to re-format it and, if still not good, return to manufacturer as a warranty return.


      My iTunes catalogue is also on the same disk (and backed up to the other) and it was a simple case of pointing iTunes to the backup drive - all is well.  Unfortunately it is not well, nor as simple, for Lightroom. 


      I don't need to transfer or move my photos to the new drive as they are already there.  Can anyone tell me how to get Lr to start using the new location?