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    Understanding Touch & Mouse events for mobile based browsers. [2014.1.1]

    justincode Level 1

      Hi all..


      On computer based browsers i use "mouseOver" & "mouseOut" to control the look of a button


      On mobile based browsers is use "touchStart" & "touchEnd" to control the look of a button


      But... it is not possible to intergrate these commands into one composition and get the correct effect, i understand this is because mobile based browsers can attempt to emulate how a computer based browser works, i.e. clicking on a button on a web based browser proberbally runs not only "touchStart" but also "mouseOver"


      So my initial question, Can anyone help me set up a bit of javascript to disable or enable certain touch or mouse events if a mobile based browser is present.


      and.. how does everyone else manage such effects using one composition for both mobile & computer based browsers..


      many thanks....