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    Creative Cloud.exe Icon Not Displayed Properly




      After doing a 1st time installation of Adobe Creative Cloud, icons for all installed programs EXCEPT for Creative Cloud.exe are displayed properly (as they should be).  If I rename Creative Cloud.exe to XXX.exe, the icon is restored.  If I rename the file back to Creative Cloud.exe, the icon is gone and only the generic icon is displayed.


      What I have done:


      1.  Rebuilt icon cache (knew from previous experience this wouldn't work but did it anyway).  This did not fix the issue.

      2.  Searched the registry for an icon reference for Creative Cloud.exe but cannot find one.

      3.  As an interim solution, extracted the icon from Creative Cloud.exe using IconViewer and pointed shortcuts to this Icon (ACC.ico in the above graphic).


      I assume some registration process did not complete properly during installation.  This was a net new install, not an upgrade or reinstall.


      I have seen this with other Windows EXEs in the past but have never found a full solution, only the hack of pointing shortcuts to a separate ICO file.


      Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.


      Note:  Image of C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud\ACC directory attached.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your *.exe file handlers in the registry and/or check for any tools like virus scanners. This behavior is a typical sign of some tool checking the validity of the files and trying to dynamically display icons like e.g. some virus scanners may render a stopper overlay over files they do not allow to access. The same could be true for UI customizations that may attempt to dynamically render icons to adapt it to their look. Similarly, network centric applications could be hooked into the WinSock infrastructure and be treated as some extension, thus rendering with default icons. And finally also check your graphics driver. It could do just as well do dynamic color adjustments or UI scaling operations that affect icon rendering.



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            daniels@wingatehughes.com Level 1

            This issue only occurs on Creative Cloud.exe, not on any other EXE on the system so the general EXE file handler is not the issue in this case.


            I have (5) of the same model desktops with the exact same graphics adapter and updates applied for the OS and graphics adapter.  (4) worked w/o a problem, only the 5th is having an issue.  If it were related to some 3rd party product I would expect all the EXEs to have this issue and not just Creative Cloud.exe in a specific directory.  In any case, pretty vanilla computer in terms of 3rd party software and the anti-virus (Norton Internet Security) being disabled does not resolve the issue.  And all apps are installed locally on the computer...none are running from the network.


            Thanks for the feedback.

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              yo_paisan Level 1

              Same thing happened to me either after installing various Adobe Creative Cloud software titles, or while trying to reorganize my application icons into an "Adobe" folder on my Windows 7 - Start Menu > All Programs > Adobe.    At some point between working on installing all the apps I needed and organizing their icons in my start menu this issue occurred.