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    LR Mobile: Camera -> iPad -> LR?

    loonsailor Level 1

      I'm about to do my first trip where I really can't bring a laptop, and I'd hoped to use my iPad for some initial field work on my photos.  I'm very surprised that I can't find a way to use LR Mobile to do what I want.  Is it really impossible?


      What I'd like to do is shoot raw+jpg, import just the jpg's into LR mobile, and do my initial metadata work (star rating, keywords, maybe assigning to collection) in the field.  I don't care about editing on the iPad, though it would be a nice bonus, or about having the raws on the iPad.  Then, when I return, I'd like to import the raws from the original SD cards into my "real" computer, and somehow sync the metadata that I'd done on the iPad into LR.  It seems like a common scenario.  Is it really impossible, or am I missing something?  If not with LR mobile, is it possible with any other app?


      Thanks for any advice on this!