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    jpegs not appearing in lightroom folder


      I have LR5 and something weird just happened. I had my jpegs showing up fine but now they are not - only in one particular folder set.


      When I go to filter, I don't even see jpegs as a file option. I know that the files are there on my computer, but it seems like LR is not reading them. I've hit synchronize folder and still nothing. When I export an image to jpeg, still doesn't find it.

      What could it be? I know it's probably really simple!!!



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          dj_paige Level 9

          There are no JPGs showing in a folder according to Lightroom?


          That means the Filter won't allow you to filter for JPGs. That seems perfectly reasonable to me.


          The files are there on your computer but not in Lightroom in that folder? That must mean that Lightroom thinks they are in a different folder, because they were (accidentally?) imported to a different folder.


          What happens if you do all four of the following steps in order?


          1. In the Catalog Panel on the left side of the Library Module, click on All Photographs
          2. Turn off all Filters with Ctrl/Cmd-L
          3. Photo->Stacking->Expand All Stacks
          4. Now search for one such JPG photo by file name; I'm sure you will find it
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            pxchoi Level 1

            I thought it might be an issue with the filters so I've already tried that. Seems really odd and I've never had this happened. Something weird that happened in one of the subfolders too were that the jpegs were showing up as missing photos too. I don't know if its something I pressed or what... The files are definitely on the computer, I just can't seem to get LR to see them.


            What's weirder is that even trying to import jpegs from the SD are not showing up, only the raw images. I feel like this issue started to happen as I was trying to clear out stuff on my computer. I intentionally left any adobe software intact but maybe this could have been the issue.


            Thanks for the tip!

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              pxchoi Level 1

              I have also made attempts to reinstall Lightroom as well!

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                pxchoi Level 1